Are you experiencing physical limitation due to an injury or condition? Whether you are encountering pain or having trouble completing daily tasks, we can help. Our highly qualified team of licensed Physical and Occupational Therapists will work closely with you and your doctor to create a personalized treatment plan that will improve the way you feel and get you back on your feet. While we are dedicated to the injury recovery of our patients, we value and promote leading a healthy lifestyle. Our fitness programs aim to equip our patients with the knowledge of safe workout practices and offer strategies for injury prevention.
Orthopedic Therapy
Pediatric Therapy

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Therapy is designed to reduce pain, restore function, prevent disability, and promote movement.

Our therapists’ pride themselves on providing the upmost level of one-on-one care. Each patient undergoes a comprehensive assessment to determine a personalized  treatment plan that best suits the patient and establishes manageable goals that maintain motivation. Our encouraging atmosphere, state of the art technology, and vast knowledge of treatment options yields us to offer the optimum level of care. Our services include:

Dry Needling

Balance Training

Active Release Techniques


Spinal and Peripheral Joint Mobilizations/Manipulations

Kinesio Taping


Therapeutic Exercise

Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Computerized Gate Analysis

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At Sutherland Physical therapy, we treat patients from all age ranges with a wide variety of injuries. When a patient is finishing their time with us we start to implement a Home Exercise Program (HEP) to not only help the patient continue in their therapy but to also continually improve their health. One of the most common problems patients face is the difficulty of re-establishing the structure of an exercise routine as well as the feeling of confidence in a gym setting. 

We have partnered with the YMCA of Valdosta to help make the transition from therapy to a Home Exercise Program as easy as possible. Let our trained exercise technicians accompany you to the gym (no membership required) for up to three visits and guide you through your Home Exercise Plan.  

See what the YMCA of Valdosta has to offer.